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Rochelle park? What can i say it is a small town, like one square mile. It has extremely nice people. These people are very active and are fun. They are friggin nutts. Most of them usually hang out at the mall. HE!! YEAH!!! the mall is the best mall there is, there are 3 by Rochelle Park. The kids go there liek constantly so if u are a shop-a-holic you will fit in great. Now, the school system is very intense and they take learning seriously. The teachers do anyway. The kids think of school as a piece of crap but yeah. The kids are active and fun. BUT DO NOT GET ON
THERE BAD SIDE, I AM WARNING YOU, BECAUSE THEY WILL KICK YOUR BUTT!!! This town is cool. The people are very friendly and open for change. They will welcome you to the best of there ability. Im so out. PEACE, l8r
If i went to Rochelle Park i would jump up and down for days and sing the happiest song EVER!!!
by Samantha - OH BABY!! April 27, 2005

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