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The act of tongue-fucking an anus while simultaneously making fencing, or other sword-fighting maneuvers, with the recipients penis. Typically done while the recipient is standing.
This allows for Rusty Sword Fights.
Yeah, while I love Jen and all, she's more of a Trombone player, while Phil is a natural Rusty Sword Technician, I think I'm going to choose him for the Rusty Sword Tournament coming up.
#rusty sword fight #rusty trombone #dirty sanchez #shrimping #blumpkin
by Samael11 October 10, 2012
What happens when multiple people are receiving Rusty Swords in the same room.

The parties fence with the recipients' penises.

Recipients are not allowed to do anything physical to each other, though trash-talk is allowed.
Typically the recipients are also encouraged to make metallic clanging noises (or Lightsaber noises) while this happens for the bonus cool factor and to commit to the roleplay.

If at any point, once the fight starts, any member;
falls over, loses their partner, gets soft, or otherwise can not continue the fight;
Then that duelist loses the fight.

Last penis "standing" (or team, thereof) wins the fight, regardless of how many players are taking part.

Note that: Cumming does not automatically disqualify a participant, but considering that softness tends to follows briefly afterwards, it tends to happen.

Doping in the form of Cialis or Viagra is considered poor form and can cause for the disqualification of winners if the agreed upon rules forbid it.
"Damn man, that was a brutal Rusty Sword Fight last night!
I thought Steve and Phil were going to lose when it looked like Steve was about to blow his load..."

"Yeah, but then Steve said something that got Jen to run off crying, DQing Mark, who then got blasted with Steve's 'victory celebration', it was epic, and will go down as one of the best tournament duels ever."
#rusty sword fight #rusty trombone #dirty sanchez #shrimping #blumpkin
by Samael11 October 10, 2012
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