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1 definition by Sam and Kris

Person or Persons who persue a goal, with little thought or care to his/her or others well being. Risking pain and humilliation. After the person has successfully completed their aim. They are then a hacker, for Daring to do it. However, if the person does not complete what they set out to do or back out, they are considered a non-hacker.
1. Kris- "hey luke, you coming to that party tonight?"
2. Logan- "yeah, go on luke, hack it out!!!"
3. Luke- "o, i dont no guys, im a square and im really tired, ive got work at like 3 in the afternoon tomorrow."
4. Kris and Logan- "NON-HACKER!!!!"
5. Josh- "Go on Luke ive got 15 cans and gonna drink 'em all"
6. Kris- "Josh, you hacker"
by Sam and Kris December 21, 2006
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