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An amazing kickass source of adrenaline that will take a week to come down from. Why spend sunday going to church when you could be shooting little kids with rental guns. What do you think Jesus would?
Dude. I spent all of sunday playing paintball. And guess who showed up?


The Coolest town in the whole planet. Where else can you eat subway, then loiter in front of a vons, then make fun of some 6th graders hanging oout at the park, examine farzalicious chicks and then make it home to catch your favorite episode od southpark and then call your friends and arange a sleepover and tp the gay kid at yur school whose name is probably ben. And then wake up and do it all over again. The answer. No Where!
Dude, i went to my cuzins house for the weekend and we had the coolest time ever.

Where does he live?

only the coolest place ever. Moorpark CA

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