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1. My idol
2. Very cool looking guy who plays a "stickered" strat copy.
3. Skinny
How the hell could Rivers Cuomo be fat when he is a sickly guy that had asthma as a child!?
by Sam Nelson November 08, 2003
(v.) the act of a male forcing a woman down the isle and marrying him.

Etymology: Combination of Marriage and Rape.
That bum maped my sister.

I'm going to mape that bitch so she's stuck with me forever.
by Sam Nelson November 20, 2003
1) slang used in college and/or the
military for large boobs.
2) short for "Bitch Titty".
3) See moob
That fat kid over there has huge BT's.
by Sam Nelson November 29, 2003
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