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Maylord is the new age, yet archaic, god of destruction, kickassness, and....... bitches. He is generally depicted as a two headed or many headed dog, and has been known to eat all in sight. He is a second cousin (twice removed) of Cerberus of the underworld and is often called a true laxer.
Maylord just ate your family.
by Sam McGoldrick May 03, 2005
1)the act of being housed in a sense that you have been beaten so bad that ur genitalia now resembles cottage cheese

2)to co congo on another man's privates

3)to unleash the ape upon another dude's johnson and friends

4)to call the pain train unto a buddy's wong and friends

5)to pacify.....and destroy another man's pride (weener and friends)
Dude maylord just tamed your family...
by Sam McGoldrick May 04, 2005
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