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A phrase oriented in the Hebrew language. Used to describe something that has already happened and there is no use in worrying about it.
Bob: I can't believe I failed that test.
Jim: Take it easy man; what was was, was was.
by Sam McGee August 12, 2006
Coming from the verb 'to Gil'; talking closely in someone's personal space in a most annoying manner, causing severe discomfort.
Sean: "Why you steppin' up? There's no need for gillin'"

Sam: Cut it out, you're gillin' me!
by Sam McGee August 12, 2006
A cross between a casket and a flask, or a casket shaped flask, especially when used to drink oneself to death.
On her flasket, beautifully engraved were the words... “Was not whiskey, vice, nor sin, it was vodka did her in.”
by Sam McGee January 28, 2006
A common Israeli phrase meaning 'excellent', 'cool', 'extraordinary', 'awesome'
Adam: That chocoloate cake was something something.
Sam: You're so toned!
by Sam McGee August 12, 2006
An annoying question asked before you actually say anything, which is often ignored. A common failed pick-up line.
Jay: What are you saying?
Bob: (silent)
by Sam McGee August 12, 2006
The physical and emotional state of mind of being both tired and stoned
Jack: Dude, you look like you need to go to sleep.
Sam: Ya, I'm so toned
by Sam McGee August 12, 2006
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