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1)a word used to describe a black person that may not work hard (heard of Chris Rock?)

2) an offensive term used towards black people that is punishable by law(heard of Macc Lads)
1)Chris Rock(black himself):I love Black people but i hate niggers,niggers are proud of shit they meant to do like
*i take care of my kids*,youre supposed to you fuckin dumbass
*ive never bin to prison*Whaddya want a fuckin cookie?
2)look at that filthy little nigger,,,,used in the Macc lads "song" nigger jokes
The macc lads:whats the difference between a dead dog in the road and a dead nigger........the dead dogs got skidmarks leadin up 2 it.
I myself think racism in wrong(i still sing along with R n B,ghetto songs)
by Sam Humphreys June 05, 2006
one whom searches bins for items,e.g. Food,Pencils
Luis: Yo what ya lookin at you scruff
Liam: Who you callin a scruff you fucking binroot
by Sam Humphreys June 05, 2006
think of sit off then make it shit off
a lesson that is boring but not much work is done
Sam: isnt Art a sit off?
Liam: na,i hate drawing,its shit
Sam: so its a shit off for you?
Liam: Yeah
by Sam Humphreys June 05, 2006
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