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4 definitions by Sam Holmes

Quite simply, male masturbation.
"Aw man, I was picking apples for such a long time last night. I thought my wrist was going to bend backwards."
by Sam Holmes March 23, 2007
The state your balls are in after not having been washed for a week (or two), especially if one has masturbated often. The result is a rank, fish-like smell rising from your nether regions.
Dude, I have whacked it so much this past week, and now I have to shower. I have a total fish basket going on right now.
by Sam Holmes March 23, 2007
–noun, plural -mouths
a person who uses words like bullets, someone who shoots their mouth off, esp. tactless or provocatively.
Ann Coulter? Yeah, she's a gunmouthed psycho cunt.
by Sam Holmes March 01, 2009
slang, high as fuck

So hungry you'd fuck a burger and eat it, so long as it was free.
1: Do you have anything to snack on?
2: Not after that last bowl we smoked.
1: Man, I'd fuck a burger right now.
2: I could fuck a burger.
by Sam Holmes March 01, 2009