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Equivalent to "cum depository" meaning someone full of ejaculate because they are a slut.
Dude, that cumbucket has nailed like seventeen guys this semester.
by Sam Fryer March 30, 2004
Said when one accomplishes an unlikely feat, or does something impressive.

Is said with shoulders at 90 degree angles form the torso, and forearms angled in towards each other, index fingers pointed in a pistol gesture, and moving the forearms up and down with the elbows as the fulcrum. forearms move thusly: one going up, and one going down. Repeat until you stop saying the word.

It is said holding the long 'e' sound as long as desired, all the while, performing the above motion.
Jason: "So did you hook up last night or what?"

Sam: "Dude, she invited her friend to join us too. BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEGH!"
by Sam Fryer March 30, 2004
sublime without the talent. bradley is spinning in his grave.
"dude, i'm going to see the long beach dub all-stars"

by Sam Fryer March 30, 2004
the closest we'll get to having a black president in the next 100 years.
yo dawg, that bill clinton is one of us niggaz. if we voted he would have won by even more.
by sam fryer April 14, 2004
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