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4 definitions by Sam Deighton

A Moorey is when, while in Las Vegas you get jacked by two prostitutes. Who take your $800, your camera and all your dignity.
When Erin was on his trip he copped a Moorey big time. Now he can't get home and his mum won't speak to him.
by Sam Deighton November 20, 2007
12 0
Word for "ecstacy". Originates from the Sutherland area in Sydney. Where they are constantly munching them.
Sutho Kid 1: I NEED TO GET ON!!!!

Sutho Kid 2: Ingers?

Sutho Kid 1: Of course Ingers

Sutho KId 2: I can get on to some $2 ones straight of the ship at Port Botany.
by Sam Deighton March 14, 2009
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When you are fucking a chick doggystyle, and the you slip an ecstacy pill in her poo hole. Then all you have to do is wait 20 mins and you are in for some freaky shit!
Steve: Hey, did that girl you hooked up with last night night at the Gaff push back pretty hard?
Al: Nah, but then I used the secret shelf and she blew my world!
by Sam Deighton March 14, 2009
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pronounced "grupple"
A grouple is a couple. As in two people that are together that are both gronks.
Wes: Hey, check out that gronk couple over there.
Matt: Don't you mean, check out that grouple over there.
by Sam Deighton March 14, 2009
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