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Abusing a Facebook function where you can "like" a friend's status or wall activity.

Like raping would consist of liking at least the last 50 activity notes on any one person's profile page, resulting in a copious and rather annoying amount of activity notifications.
Michelle: I just logged on to Facebook and I had 843 notifications. What the hell is going on?
Lee: Haha, Sam must've like raped you.
Michelle: Yes he did. How annoying! Now all my important notifications are lost within this rubbish.

Faye: It's Michelle's birthday today. Are you going to bake her a cake?
Sam: No, I'm going to Facebook like rape her instead.
by Sam Cornwell June 20, 2009
Slang for sex or a sexual encounter.

When any sexual act is performed, whether on oneself, with a couple or more, then you are considered to be giving someone a "slice of sunshine"
Paul: Have you seen Sam?
Marc: Yes, he's in the bedroom giving Michelle a slice of sunshine.


Sam: Where've you been?
Scott: At home mate, giving myself a slice of sunshine.


Michelle: Last night this dude performed the red eagle on me.
Sam: That is a nasty slice of sunshine.
by Sam Cornwell June 16, 2009
First defined in early 2008 by world famous nightclub photographer K.A.P. While describing a slightly balding fat wrinkly man, that once used to be a hunk. However some people still find past their sell by date hunks as attractive. These people are known as "Hunkerchunks", or "Hunkerchunky".
1. I used to fancy that hunkerchunk when he was thin.

2. "hey baby, wanna rub my girth?"
"yeah baby, I love hunkerchunky men"
by Sam Cornwell March 20, 2008
An abbreviation of "Shaking my head in despair".

Used in times when you really cannot believe what has happened. Perhaps used more to pity someones stupidness.
"Stu: I just got sacked from my job
Sam: HAHAHAH Why mate?
Stu: Because I created a Facebook group that slated the place.
Sam: you idiot, smhid".
by Sam Cornwell May 30, 2008
A male or female who is abnormally large in weight / size. Associated normally with friendly people as it is such a nice word.
"he is is a chubbaflump"

"that lady used to be hot, but now she is a chubbaflump"

Scott: How is your girlfriend nowadays mate? She still fit?
Sam: Nah mate, she is a chubbaflump now
Odette: What you call me?
Sam: Shut up and sit yo fat ass back down
by Sam Cornwell March 04, 2008
Generally the first thing you get asked in an Indian takeaway.
Waiter: "Wujulykapopadom"
customer: "I'll have two"
by Sam Cornwell August 08, 2008
An extraordinary word. First used in May 2008 in a conversation between quick draw Mcgrath and Sammus Corneus. The intended word was helmet, but mistyped created a wonderful new verb which sounded a lot funnier, and basically, it stuck.
Sam "Where's your helmet"
Michelle "You mean MELMET"
Sam "oh no, what have I done to the English language"
by Sam Cornwell May 15, 2008

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