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Noun: From the popular character Baldrick in Britis sitcom Blackadder. Baldrick's defining feature is a kind of innocent stupidity. Therefore, someone who makes honest mistakes on a regular basis might be described as a baldrick"
"Blackadder:Baldrick, what are you doing?
Baldrick: I'm carving something on this bullet sir.
Blackadder: I see. And What are ou carving?
Baldrick: I'm carving Baldrick sir.
Baldrick: Well, you know how they say that somewhere out there, there's a bullet with yur name on it, I thought if I owned thee hullet with my name on it I'd be safe, because I'll never shoot myself...
Blackadder: really? Pity...
Baldrick:...and the chances of there being two bulletes with my name on are very slim indeed."

Anyone capable of this kind of idiocy is a potential baldrick.
by Sam Baynham November 28, 2003
Derived from the term queen.
A screaming queen is a homosexual man who is so overtly camp as to drive everybody, including more moderate homosexuals, to the brink of distraction. Also, somebody whose Gay persona is so patently overacted as to be ridiculous.
"Leopard skin hotpants, a lisp and a blonde wig? What a screaming queen!"
by Sam Baynham November 28, 2003
Glorified pot-noodle, loved by obsessive purists the worldd over.
"Otaku: Musst have Raamennnnnn!
Clerk: I'm sorry sir, we don't have ramen.
Otaku: Verry well. Mussst have brainssss!!
Clerk: Sir, If I had brains, I wouldn't be working in a conveniencee store...what the f**k? Get off me! ARRGH! My Brains!"
by Sam Baynham November 28, 2003
A method of taking drugs,
a slightly incomprhensible pastime,
and excellent British drugs film that made a star of Ewan McGregor (Later Obi-wan in star wars for those of you who don't watch things without CG.)
Trainspotting the pastime has been identified as a kind of autism, or so I hear.
"Man, I been trainspottin' all night!"
"Ooh look, a twelve tonne sprinter with customised rivets"
"Choose life, choose a job, choose..."
by Sam Baynham November 28, 2003

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