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Noun: The person in your close circle of friends who no one actually likes but he still hangs out with you anyway. Usually this person has been in your group so long it feels impossible and almost not worth the trouble to get rid of. This person is usually the bud of jokes in the group and is an excellent target to blame any bad occurrence on. An idiot, fool, fuck-face, tool-bag. Can be used as a general term for someone that you loathe and hate with a great passion.

Adjective: An immature move
1) Don't be a wallydick.
2) You're such a wallydick! I cant believe you're mom called all of our parents and told them about what happened!
3) Way to be a wallydick and tell my girlfriend i hooked up with susie!

1) Quit wallydickin' around!
2) Here we are trying to be serious and your in the corner wallydicking around as if this problem doesn't apply to you.
by Salvatore Serravillo May 03, 2008

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