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verb - sexual activity short of intercourse, often used to vaguely describe encounters.
-Dude, I saw you talking to that chick at the bar, did you hit that?
-No, I just rubbed on her.
by Salty Skillz March 21, 2006
The uterus (being at the back of the vagina)
-I heard you hooked up last night
-Yeah, but it wasn't that cool. I kept hitting the backwall.
by Salty Skillz March 23, 2006
The snatch, pussy, twat, cunt, etc.
Damn, I'd like to get into her moist surround.
by Salty Skillz March 25, 2006
cautionary phrase uttered by women performing oral sex, telling the man not to cum yet, as she presently expects a fucking
She gives a great blowjob, but she's always like 'save your fork, there's pie.'
by Salty Skillz March 19, 2006
The butt, or more specifically, anus
-So how's your new girlfriend
-She's ok, but she won't take it in the rusty kitten
by Salty Skillz March 20, 2006
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