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When a person is moisturizing with no premeditated intent for self pleasure, but then realizes they are naked, alone, and have a lubricant.
After a brisk walk my inner thigh was slightly chaffed so I grabbed the lotion and before I knew it I was Moisturebating.
by Saltine Nachos February 20, 2009
Someone who has their head so far up their ass they are sitting on their own shoulders.
My boss is such a shoulder sitter, I wonder how he can see his computer screen with his big fat head lodged in is anus.
by Saltine Nachos February 20, 2009
A suitable alternative for sex while your girlfriend/wife is menstruating also known as a blow job. More specifically as a counter to a woman who uses her period (Aunt Flo)as an excuse to avoid sex.
"I don't care if Aunt Flo is in town as long as she brought Uncle B.J."
by Saltine Nachos February 20, 2009
An acronym for the worthless offspring of my boss.
Damn. My boss's kid is such a W.O.O.M.B. He would be unemployable anywhere else. If I wanted to work with an asshole I would have been a proctologist.
by Saltine Nachos February 20, 2009
Someone who "fertilizes" other people's farms.
John is such a Thoughtful Farmer, he fertilized Betsy's farm five times last night. She was so greatful she helped maintain his equipment to return the favor.
farm fertilize booty call
by Saltine Nachos January 30, 2010
Someone of white and hispanic descent. Not quite a beaner, but not a quite cracker. These people usually have hybrid vigor and are highly intelligent, but are also hard workers. They are known to have rhythm, a great sense of humor and a way with the opposite sex. They possess the best of both worlds.
Damn! did you see that cracker hurdle that fence?

Dude that's no cracker that guy is Saltine Nachos, fence jumping is in his blood.
by Saltine Nachos February 01, 2010
Anyone who prioritizes video games over real life. One who will turn down sex for gaming and usually has more online gaming friends than real friends.
Bob is such a video gaymer he only leaves his house for lubricant and gaming accessories.

He is such a video gaymer, he still lives with his mom. Maybe if a game comes out that requires a sexual interface he will finally get lucky.
by Saltine Nachos January 30, 2010

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