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Its another word similar to later or dip. To leave, saying goodbye.
BRO1: Bobby whats up,? You wanna meet up near the TD Garden around 7 AM to watch the Bruins parade tomorrow?...
BRO2: Fucking fact man theirs gunna be half a billion people there hooksett....
by Saltalaburny June 19, 2011
It's the very last hit in a pipe, one-hitter or bong. It's a harsh hit that includes the screen at the bottom of the bowl, along with ash left over from the weed. When you light up this bowl with the last hit inside you will discover a purple steel hit.
BRO1: Hey man did you take the last hit on the bong?...
BRO2: Yea bro don't even waste your time with that it's purple city gang.
by Saltalaburny June 19, 2011
Meaning to pack a minimum of 1.5 gram in a bong, making sure its really packed down ever so nicely
BRO1: We going to smoke out of a bong with three people?
BRO2: Yea man just make sure you pack dat real..

FRANK: That bowl we just smoked burned to quick...
BOB: Well next time pack dat real!
by Saltalaburny June 19, 2011

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