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Used when someone says something (real life or internet) that does not make sense or is unintentionally silly. Similar to "wtf", but more specific.

*Must* be 'wot r annotate' with NO capital letters, question marks or the like. Just 'wot r annotate'. That's it. Exclaimation marks may be used to emphasise the point one is trying to make.

Originated by a girl who asked this very 'question' in response to a description of a school work task, including the need for annotation.
Example 1

Person 1: Hfjguo sdfh ogif

Person 2: Eh?? wot r annotate!

Example 2

Person 1: I ran up to him and gave him a huge pink elephant!!!

Person 2: wot r annotate.....
by Salohcin the Great November 24, 2004

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