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Georgia Nicolson is the main character in a book series by Louise Rennison. Georgia has her own unique way with the English language, coining words and terms at the drop of a nunga nunga. Therefore, any young, naive, loquacious girl might be termed a Georgia Nicolson and perhaps the action of coining terms could be known as "doing a Georgia Nicolson".
Nunga nunga
Georgia Nicolson quote: "We are going to Hamburger-a-gogo land! Honestly"
by Sallyo December 28, 2011
Latrobe is a moderately sized town in north-western Tasmania. It was settled in the first part of the Nineteenth Century.
Latrobe, Tasmania is known as "the platypus capital of the world".
by Sallyo December 28, 2011
A smarl is a dog's smile that looks like a snarl. Dalmatians are famous for smarling, but other dogs, such as Jack Russell Terriers, sometimes do it too. The smarling dog lifts his or her top lip up and shows the fangs, but the teeth are closed. The eyes look kind and the ears are generally down in a submissive position. A lot of smarling dogs bob or twist their heads about so it is difficult to photograph.
The dog gave a delightful smarl.
by Sallyo December 28, 2011

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