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1.A word to describe Exes that you want to date again after some time.

2.One word for recycling old lovers.

Antonym: non-bioredatable
Sometimes you think Mr/Mrs Wrong may turn into Mr./Mrs. Right after time has passed, and wounds have healed. You may ask yourself "Is this person bioredatable?"
by Sally Straightshooter January 27, 2010
A word to describe someone you are unable to date again.... ever. There is no way in hell you will ever subject yourself to this person intimately again in your life.
"I went on a date with my high school sweetheart last night....she was missing a tooth and kept talking about her extensive Troll doll collection. She is definitely non-bioredatable"

Antonym: Bioredatable
by Sally Straightshooter January 27, 2010

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