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Where laws do not exist, marijuana is constantly being smoked and obliteration is a constant, daily. D-Dubness is a necessity at the Spot, In order for one to not be placed in the Time Out Room, he/she (preferably female) must hinder their lips on the Bitch Be Good Stick and give it a nice big wet kiss. If the individual does not kiss the Bitch Be Good Stick, then he/she is eligible for Time out in the Time Out Room. The ramifications for not kissing the Bitch Be good stick can be fatal, It is customary to do this barbaric ritual so the owners of the Spot do not have to call they niggas Bovacie and Orpheus to run a train on yo bitch ass.
Lets do work tonight at Da Mutha Fuckin Spot.
by Sall Dooh March 17, 2008

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