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Once an intruiging and unqiue animated short which was housed in a 30-minute show "Liquid Television" which would air on MTV in the days when MTV still played music. This played along other shorts that either died or wnt on to kill brain cells (see Beavis and Butthead).
For a short time Aeon Flux had it's own spot on TV but it was short lived as there was not much advertising done for it and it's horrible time slot.
Unfortunately, as hollywood cannot let something great live in our memories, they must kill it with a movie that will never measure up to it. Thus Aeon Flux the movie was born. Even though Charlize is a great actor she must (as all great actor have to), be in at least one horrible movie.
Idiot: Dude, let's go to the movies to see Aeon Flux!
Enlightened Man: Woha, they made the cartoon into a movie?
Idiot: No, man, it's live action. Cool!
Enlightened Man: ... it's going suck. You do relaize that?
by SalixR June 04, 2006
A computer and computer peripherals company. Although the desktops and laptops can have some serious drawbacks, ther accessories (printers, sanners, and the like) are actually worth the money.
On the computer side problems often arise where certain components start to break. The CD/DVD drive has been a very common occurance. There have been claims of the computer making noise form start-up.
If you must by a HP computer makes sure it is a new one and not refurbished as it will be even worse.
Man: My Hewlett Packard is broken again.
Man 2: And you were expecting what?
by SalixR June 04, 2006

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