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4 definitions by Salcker Apathy

The brain child of artest/writer Frank Miller. Sin city takes a Film Noir city, Basin City, and puts comic book situations within it. Recently made into the most loyal comic book adaptation movie, Sin City is, perhaps, among the most revolutionary comic books to date.
Sin City: That Yellow Bastard
by Salcker Apathy April 03, 2005
Originally published by National comics, as a stroy about a man, alan scott, granted powers by, literally, a Green Lantern. During the silver age of comics, National (now DC) reintroduced the character, this time an inter gallactic law inforcer named Hal Jordan. Since that time the role of green lantern has been filled by John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and most recently, Kyle Rayner. The original, Alan Scott, resides on DC's Earth2, and now goes by Sentinel. Hal Jordan died after becoming obssed with power (nd becoming the being Paralax) but was resurected as The Spectre. He has since given up that identity. Kyle Rayner acts as Earths green lantern, and Guy Gardner and John Stewart continue to act as superheros within the Green Lantern Corps.
The Green lantern has the potntial of being the most powerful thing in the universe, so why is Kyle Rayner such a pussy?
by Salcker Apathy April 03, 2005
Used in place of a sign off. Derived from the term 'peace', and in refference to the hand siginal often asociated with 'peace and love'(from the hippie movement).

also, the act of showing the index and middle finger refering to peace and love.
Beth said: Goodbye
Jack said: Duce
as Beth was leaving jack fliped her a Duce
by Salcker Apathy March 28, 2005
Superman (kal'el) is the flagship hero in the DCu. He is the unofficial leader of the JLA. He was born on the planet Kyrpton in its dying moments but was rescued by his parents and sent to earth where he was adopted and raised by Johnathan and Martha Kent. He took the name Clark Kent. In the DCu Superman is among the strongest, because the radiation of the yellow sun of the earth reacted with that of the red sun of krypton granting him invunirability to everything except Kryptonite, a material found only on Krypton. There is only one hero who can defeat Superman, in case he ever goes mad, and that is Batman, who keeps ample suplies of Krypontie in the Batcave.
Look, in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERMAN!
by Salcker Apathy April 08, 2005