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2 definitions by Salashemley

1) Not as initially enjoyable as a badunkadunk and often requiring two 40's of King Cobra to fully appreciate.
2) The excess baggage your wing man gets as you go for the fine lady across the room with the chugly friend.
Friend 1: "Look at that chugly chick with the badunkachunk over there. She's disgusting!"
Friend 2: "Well, drink up, bud. She's yours tonight 'cuz I'm goin' for her fine lady-friend."
by Salashemley July 15, 2004
23 8
1) The antithesis of a badunkadunk.
2) The posterior that a typical white male would find particularly suitable for saddling up on and taking for a ride.
"I do say, Buffy, from behind those capris make your whadunkadunk look simply scrumptious."
by Salashemley July 15, 2004
6 2