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Since every entry for Neopets is negative and filled with swearwords, I'm going to type up an entry for a dictionary that I may never use.
Neopets is a virtual pet site where you can own Neopets, play games, earn Neopoints, buy clothes, food and toys and for over-13 users, you can chat on the Neoboards, an online forum limited to Neopets topics and utilize Neomail, which is a function that can mail other Neopets users.

Neopets - a collective name for a group of diverse virtual pets. Some neopets are Limited Edition which means that you can only get them on their respective celebratory day (except for the Lutari) and some are Restricted, which means you have to do something different or go somewhere else to find one.
Neopoints - the currency of Neopets. You can earn them through games, the stock market, restocking and some lucky REs. You can buy clothes, toys and food for your neopets with neopoints.
Neoboards - an online forum limited to Neopets users and topics. There are avatars to find around the site that you can use on the neoboards. There are different topics like Merchandise, Neoquest, Roleplaying, Newbies, Battledome and Avatars and Neosignatures.
Neomail - a mail service limited to Neopets users. If you neomail too much, you can be neomail-banned.

There are other aspects of the site such as Neofriends, stat-raising and so on.
As for the report-happy stuff, it's true. As for the unfair freezing, that's true. However, that doesn't mean you can go and swear about Neopets. In fact, if you're even going to swear about something virtual, then you're a serious loser.
And just because you can doesn't mean you can accuse Neopets of dirty stuff like hypocrisy. And anyways, Jazz has been frozen. BTW, the only reasons why you are frozen are because:
1. You broke a rule.
2. You've been caught in a freezing spree.
3. You were wrongly frozen in a single case (that means not in a freezing spree), in which you usually are unfrozen, as in the case of Carla.
Neopets is glitchy at times, like all other virtual pet/game sites. Judging from what you wrote, I can infer that all of you that wrote those negative articles wrote those articles like 2 years ago.
Other pet site user: I've been thinking of trying out Neopets...
Devoted pet site user: noo neopets suckz didja hear bout the gliches
by Salah May 17, 2007
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