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Used in a sense to add emphasis to the end of a sentence.
"I ain't got no money, shoooot!"
by SaladTripp January 05, 2004
When someone uses the term, "Perty Gay Like That, Mkay?", s/he is not in any way referring to a homosexual person. S/he is innocently pointing out that the person is acting perty gay. This is often confused with actually slandering someone for being gay.
You perty gay like that, Mkay?
by SaladTripp January 05, 2004
1. A kickass grindcore/metal band started in 2004, that has hundreds of unreleased songs, but no full length albums yet.

2. An attack of giant green beans on a town/city.
1. "Have you heard Christ Hates Queers on Green Bean Attack's myspace? that song is fucking insane!"

2. "Holy shit there are giant green beans attacking New York!"
by SaladTripp November 15, 2006
Used in a sense of embarrassment. If someone is "perty gay" they are acting stupid or funny in some way. It's the kind of person you look at and say..."He perty gay!".
You perty gay like that Mkay?
by SaladTripp January 05, 2004
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