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Either a man or woman who loves cock. It never matters the color or size of the cock. Cock lovers are normally seen caressing cocks like a child. Petting them and gentle kisses are the normal actions done by the cock lovers.
Tony Avino is a cock lover. Damn, every time I see him he is either sucking or stroking a huge cock
by Sal Costanzo January 03, 2004
The biggest neighborhood cum guzzlin whore bag in the entire area.
Dude Hussars mom is a whore bag, she had a huge bukkake party last nite at her house.
by Sal Costanzo January 03, 2004
when you have to take a huge shit, and you are at a place where you cant. The shit resembles a ground hog as it constantly pokes in and out of your ass.
Dude you have to pull over, I have a major ground hog here!!!
by Sal Costanzo January 03, 2004
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