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1) To be romantic
2) Something that is romantic
3) Add a "s" and a "the" before it and get THE ROMANTICS= a band
I'm a hopeless romantic.
This is so romantic.
The romantics sing "What I like about you"!
by SAKURASAKU October 28, 2006
Deep sadness. Hey, I'm only 15 but who cares? I've just learned alot of things. How there are no real friends in this world, duh! How people are always mean, duh! I've got my whole life ahead of me.... blah blah. I know people have it worse. But who cares??? I have thoughts of SUICIDE ! Although I don't have the guts to do it who cares ! ! ! ! ! !
I hate this life , I wanna die.
I am filled with depression.
by SakuraSaku July 08, 2006
A good channel on t.v.
Channel that has a slogan "Television for Women" however girls, women, men and boys can all enjoy.
I saw Cab To Canada last Saturday on Lifetime.
by SakuraSaku June 28, 2007
They are Japanese cartoons.
Sometimes Korean cartoons are reffered to anime.
In Japan any type of animation even American is called anime.
Pronounced (ANN-AHH-MAY)
Boy: What's that?
Me: Its a anime called Cardcaptor Sakura.
by SAKURASAKU October 26, 2006

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