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2 definitions by Saizo Matsuguaia

There are three definitions for this term.

1. The Japanese phrase for 'City of Happiness.'
2. The soon to be famous Anime and Manga series created by no other than Yours Truly.
3. The setting of the Anime series.
1. I don't care if I die! I will protect the citizens of Shiawase Toshi!!
2. Shiawase no Toshi is without a doubt, the greatest city in Japan.
by Saizo Matsuguaia March 08, 2012
The nickname given to the Matsuguaia clan for their wide skill in Pyro Technique. Also it is the name of the ultimate Pyro Style Technique that results in suicide when used.
1. Pyro Style: Red Flower: Incineration!!
2. I will finish you..with the Red Flower.
3. He's a member of the Red Flower clan, isn't he?
by Saizo Matsuguaia March 08, 2012