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When you ask somebody to try their own hand at something before criticizing your efforts, you have violated Ebert's Law and lost the argument. Roger Ebert is not a filmmaker, but he knows what he likes and doesn't, and has every right to say so. Similarly, people don't need to be chefs to recognize a good restaurant, or musicians to appreciate a symphony.
Person 1: Your story is rubbish!
Person 2: I bet you couldn't do better!

Person 2 has violated Ebert's Law
by Sairin December 30, 2004
Related to Lloyd Webber's Law Of Temporal Positioning. The law states taht people who arrive at a theatre after their performance has started will always have seats in the middle of a row, causing as much annoyance for the other theatregoers as possible.
The Lyttleton Theatre at the NT (London) seems to know which theatregoers will be late, and invoke Mackintosh's Corollary on purpose.
by Sairin January 06, 2005
A Law of the Theatre

This law states that "people who arrive earliest are always those with seats on the end of a row.  People who arrive latest are always those with seats in the middle."

A related law is Mackintosh's Corollary
When you arrive late, and you're sat bang in the middle of a block of seats.
by Sairin January 06, 2005
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