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A variety of movies, where it has twice the language, twice the violence "drive-bys", lot of drug usage in them, and very little sexual content than your average R-rated movies. They are also known as Urban movies
I own a Ghetto movie library for 2 years now, and I keep adding more movies to it.
by Saints December 14, 2004
Tart/sweet berries. Used in Strawberry shortcakes, can be found in domestic, or wild forms.
I don't like strawberries.
by Saints November 10, 2003
Children, kids.
I'm tired of dealing with other people's children
by Saints November 03, 2003
Very nasty food given to you when you are admitted to an hospital.
Get that crap out of my face, you eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to Pizza Hut or somewhere and get me a pizza.

My mom can cook better than them.
by Saints April 04, 2004
Bored, sleep is on your mind, watching the same crappy team lose every game.
I'm tired of watching the Bears getting their asses handed to them, listening to the News and be tiredsome, I'm going to bed.
by Saints October 25, 2003
Jet black hair,
My hair is almost jet black.
by Saints October 08, 2003
Racing dog.

A bus that goes state to state.
by Saints November 06, 2003

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