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200 definitions by Saints

A pizza turnover, very good.
Sbarros makes good calzones, I can't stand the spinach and cheese ones.

I do like the sausage or pepper and cheese calzones.
by Saints September 23, 2003
70 27
Stop irritating me with your drivel, and go find the crap yourself.
by Saints October 13, 2003
54 13
Bangkok, Oriental city, the crem-de-la-crem. The best city in Thailand.
I spent one night in Bangkok in 1985, 18 years later, I bought a ocean-front home down there.
by Saints September 20, 2003
122 82
Good spaghetti sauce.
All I buy is Prego spaghetti sauce, whenever I cook Prego.
by Saints October 15, 2003
193 154
Ginger-flavored pop, tastes good.
I love ginger ale. Especially Canada Dry
by Saints September 22, 2003
71 33
Good stuff that comes from cows.
Mom; Saints, STOP THAT!!!!! Pick up that knife and cut up that steak.

Saints; that steak is too thick to cut with a knife, I have no choice than to pick it up and bite it.
by Saints October 23, 2003
195 158
Very informative prison show.
Kind of like a virtual prison, with no actual prisoners just actors.
by Saints October 09, 2003
119 83