200 definitions by Saints

My lifeline, if there is no tv, I would be bored.
My tv doesn't have on/off switch.
by Saints September 24, 2003
Being in a foul-assed mood, prone to take it out on someone, unsuspecting.
Saints is someone not mess with today, she is having bad day.
by Saints September 08, 2003
State pen, where the condemned prisoners are serving life in prison or gotten the death penalty. Not a nice place to go.
Oswald State Prison or Oz, is really fictional prison, they just sugar-coat about what prison life is really like.
by Saints September 18, 2003
Tasty ethnic food from the Asian/China culture.
Kung Pao Chicken is the best, along with egg foo young "when cooked properly"
by Saints September 18, 2003
A pretty white dog.
A maltese is a small white dog, with long shaggy hair, they are friendly dogs.
by Saints October 27, 2003
When the police beat the hell out of you. For not cooperating with them.
The LAPD beat Rodney King like they were his daddy.

Don't run from the police, they will f--- you up royally.
by Saints June 23, 2004
Lower extremity, used for walking.

Same thing used to put in someone's ass, because he or she deserved it.
Yesterday, I walked all the way down to my boss's store on 95th to pay him a social call.

Customer; How much is this Juicy-Juice without using the WIC?

Saints; I don't know

Customer; don't you work here?

Saints; I said, "I DON'T KNOW!!!!"

Customer starts getting rude.

Saints threatens the customer if she doesn't leave her alone, that she is going to get her boss. Customer continues having attitude problem.

Saints; Kenna that customer is harrassing me.

Kenna puts his foot up the customer's ass.
by Saints September 22, 2003

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