200 definitions by Saints

The worst possible pizza you can eat, it's dry, it's tasteless, it's CRAP
Save your money, and go to a real pizza restaurant like Pizza Hut, or any independent pizza restaurant you know
by Saints September 21, 2003
Very tasty pop, with a hint of Cherry
Diet Dr. Pepper tastes just like Regular Dr. Pepper.
by Saints September 20, 2003
A Midwestern state, surrounded by Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and Indiana.
I'm not having any fun in Illinois, I wish I was in Southern Cal or Texas living it up.
by Saints October 19, 2003
Pie-like dish made with eggs, and followed by spinach, mushrooms or some other filling.
I don't like eggs so I guess I won't be having quiche for dinner.
by Saints October 17, 2003

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