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Sick, short for Illinois
Paty I won't be in to work today, I feel ill.
by Saints October 26, 2003
Light fixture, normally hangs over a stairwell, or a table in the dining room.
10 years me and a friend got really drunk at a Christmas party and started swinging from the chandeliers. Boss had a major league temper-tantrum.
by Saints September 23, 2003
Drinking Under the Influence of alcohol.
Don't drive drunk. How hard is that to understand?
by Saints October 23, 2003
Eastern coastal state, where the winters are brutal.
I went cross-country skiiing in Delaware, and I nearly died out there it was so cold. A friendly family took me and when had a Delaware Blue Hen chicken, cranberry dressing, and some homemade cherry pie.
by Saints October 18, 2003
Pain city, major league pain.
Don't make me mad, or I will do a field goal attempt on your ass. Okay?
by Saints October 30, 2003
What Bobby Knight has.
Bobby Knight hasn't had his Tropicana today. He is in a bad-ass mood today.
by Saints October 22, 2003
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