200 definitions by Saints

1. Spanish word for dog or coyote

2. Slut

3. Computer
1. I hear putas barking every nite, someone put a muzzle on them

2. A puta got arrested in Chicago

3. My puta keeps freezing up on me. It's time for me to get a Dell
by Saints June 22, 2004
One's possessions.
Yo, don't touch my stuff.
by Saints September 26, 2003
A male offspring to a parent,

What I consider a friend, also another term for "boy"
I consider my boss "my son."
by Saints September 21, 2003
A color

Blue Sky

Cool clean water

sky blue carpeting

ice crystals

Midnight blue

Blue roses

Neon blue
Blue is my favorite, my phone has a neon blue light that lights up my room like a bar.
by Saints September 27, 2003
Good pop
R.C. has its own taste, not to be compared with Pepsi, Coke or Dr. Pepper.
by Saints October 12, 2003
Being viciously being manhandled, by a person or persons, basically to win something, as in a competitive sport.
The Forty-Niners bitch-slapped the Bears 49-7.

Florida State slapped Maryland 35-10

by Saints September 08, 2003
Good peanut butter
I love Skippy Chunky Peanut butter, whenever I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
by Saints November 04, 2003

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