200 definitions by Saints

A pastry sold at Krispy Kreme at most Albertson's stores or at Dunkin Donuts
I prefered the chocolate or sugared donuts.
by Saints October 22, 2003
pet name for Scottie Pippen
Scottie "Pippie" Pippen
by Saints October 08, 2003
Liason, frequent patron of a place or internet site.
I am the unofficial ambassador of Urbandictionary.com
by Saints September 24, 2003
Good food
Yum, Yum
by Saints October 07, 2003
a white or tawny pigeon-like bird.
A dove is a sign of peace.
by Saints September 27, 2003
West coast.
The pacific ocean is better than the atlantic
by Saints September 30, 2003
One's possessions.
Yo, don't touch my stuff.
by Saints September 26, 2003

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