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A deptmartent store getting their asses handed to them, by Wal-Mart and Target.
I hate K-Mart.
by Saints September 21, 2003
Someone who is up in age, or someone who can't think well.

Saints Owner Tom Benson

Chicago Bears' Michael McCaskey.
by Saints October 05, 2003
A sitcom I grew up watching.
To this day. I still watch Good Times
by Saints June 26, 2004
The finger, the New York state bird, the one finger salute.
1. I flipped off an annoying fan at a Bears game in 90.

2. Mike Ditka grabbed his manhood and flipped off the fans for harrassing him and the Saints players. He was later fired for the incident.
by Saints September 28, 2003
Homework, something that the teacher gave you to spoil your fun when you're at home
Solution; did the homework at school library and handed in the next morning.

Problem solved;
by Saints September 15, 2003
Food on the run for busy, hungry people.
Eating fast food can be tiresome, let's cook something at home.
by Saints October 22, 2003
Pipe used by Native Americans in peace ceremonies. Still used today by Native Americans, or also used in medicinal purposes, also be can used like a regular.
I sometimes let my boss Richey smoke the peace pipe, as long as he let me smoke it first.
by Saints September 09, 2003

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