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200 definitions by Saints

A stick used to restrain criminals by the police, or namely the LAPD.
They kicked and hit Rodney King with the Night Stick, or a.k.a the Johnny Stick and it had no affect on him
by Saints September 17, 2003
Newborn, infant.

A name of endearment.
Marsha; Baby-Hon, take your break

Saints; walk away and takes her break

What a cute baby!!!

What's her name?
by Saints September 20, 2003
A good cold medicine, to bitch-slap a cold with. I killed a bottle of Nyquil in 2 days, and on my second bottle of it.
2 bottles of Nyquil keeps a doctor away. Don't drink it on the job, because you might fall out drunk in front of your boss, and co-workers. It happened to me, when they found me passed-out drunk in the breakroom. Robitussin sucks. Kiss your cold good bye!!!!!!!!!
by Saints February 10, 2007
It's like drinking carbonated ice cream. Without the ice cream.
Vanilla Coke and Vanilla Pepsi tastes the same, I'll take either one.
by Saints October 30, 2003
Parental Guidance when it comes to movies.
G, PG and PG-13 movies sucks.
by Saints October 26, 2003
An upper joint joining the neck to the arm.
Men can't keep their hands off my shoulders.

My boss tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention.
by Saints October 19, 2003
A gift of hope, being spared from going to Hell. Eternity in a far better place called Heaven.
I pray that I get a one-way ticket to Heaven and get my Salvation.
by Saints October 18, 2003