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A holiday on which copious amounts of alcoholic beverages are consumed.
St. Patrick's Day is the most important alcoholiday of the year.
by SaintZi March 17, 2011
A phrase used to declare the serious nature of the statement that the phrase preceeds.
1: I have aids.
2: HAHA! That's funny man!
1: No, on the serious, I have aids.
2: Oh. I hear the only cure is death. On the serious of course.
by SaintZi January 22, 2011
An alcoholic shot comprised of equal parts of the seven cheapest liquors available for purchase at the establishment in which you are consuming alcohol and things of that nature.
AR: Can I get The Seven Deadly Sins for my buddies 21st birthday?
Bartender: Yeah. Your an ass hole. Your friend will now hate you forever.
by SaintZi February 27, 2011
A reference to popular web culture or memes
On tuesday...

AR: No, no it isn't. Terrible webfrence. Your stupid.
by SaintZi January 18, 2011
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