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The daughter of a high profile person in the community mayor, pastor, bank manager, etc. who likes to guzzle large amounts of cum from the friends and associates of the daughter's father.
Adam: Hey guess what the Mayor's daughter is a total cum dumpling, she swallowed my huge load last night.

Corey: No way, hook me up.

Adam: Sure she can choke on our loads together, i will give her a call tonight.
by Saint712 June 04, 2007
When a girl is cummed on in the face by a large number of men, 7 or more.
Our football team made this one girl our jizzdonkey after the championship win, she couldn't breathe and had to wear eye patches for weeks after that night.
by Saint712 June 04, 2007
To be kicked out of a group or organization, being a total fag that no one likes. Then crying like a little baby begging to get back in the group or organization that he was kicked out of.
Im glad that we jabooed that fag off our team. He didnt pull his weight and complained all the time. Ya he cried for like 10 minutes to be let back in, but he got cockslammed.
by Saint712 June 05, 2007
To receive fellatio or blowjob from a grossly over weight or a pig of a woman.
I was so desperate last night i had to settle for a porkjob from a fat whore, then i puked everywhere because i got sick.
by Saint712 June 04, 2007

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