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Normal people who lack a belief in a supreme diety. Just like normal people they can be jerks or be nice, it's really not that interesting.
Atheists are just like you and everyone else and probably do not wish to eat your children, because they do not do that sort of thing despite what your Aunt Samantha says.
by Saint Lawrence January 20, 2012
44th President of the United States, was democratically elected, is part of the Democratic Party and was born in Hawaii. Currently there has been much debate on whether or not Hawaii is actually a State of the Union for many have claimed that he was not born in the Union. There is also much debate on the idea that the Democratic Party is actually a front for the National Socialist Party of America (Commonly refered to as the Nazi Party) if so this could hail the first time that Nazis are now open to mixed race individuals possibly from other countries (seeing as Hawaii is not a State of the Union). In addition to this, many people are also certain that President Obama is secretly a Muslim Extremist. If this were true, this could prove that there is infighting between Muslim extremist groups, such as al-Sha'abab, al-Qeda, the Taliban and many others, for Obama is currently wagining a war on terror and killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qeda. The people behind these claims, articulate that they are not racist themselves, but rather because President Obama's skin is not white, then he wants to wage a war upon white people and put them into Concentration Camps (because as they have claimed before, he's a Nazi) and then provide free health coverage for all Americans. The latter is actually more horrifying than former for these people.
whitehouse.gov <--- find all of the information that you would want to know about the United State's government and about President Barack Obama also get out and vote for the next general election (wether or not you're voting for Democrat, Republican, or Communist Party it's important to vote as long as you know what the candidates' platform is (perferably from the candidate's themselves) rather than their opponents.
by Saint Lawrence January 23, 2012

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