2 definitions by Saint Joe

When someone uses sarcasm to make something hilarious, then goes on to try and continue being funny but fails and looks like a dumbass.
Guy1: i dont understand how im not clinically insane | Guy2: Maybe because you've never been to a Clinic? | Guy3: roflmao | Guy2: or maybe you went but got kicked out for killing a nurse | Guy3: Fucking Noj'd it man..
by Saint Joe January 28, 2009
Adjective: gay. | Verb: The act of being gay or making something gay.
Adjective- "They should change the movie: "Milk" to "Mary Hill" that's how homosexual it is. ||| Verb- Guy1: Omg I was in the 'dungeon' the other day when.. El Burro pulled his stuff out. | Guy2: Dude, stop talking about the dungeon like that, not meant to be Mary Hill. | Guy1: But it was so hard- | Guy2: STFU YOU MARY HILL'D THE GODDAMN DUNGEON!!! YOU FUCKING MARY HILL'D PIECE OF SHIT!!!
by Saint Joe March 27, 2009

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