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Phrase defining the act of a male masturbating "western grip" style while standing or, with some level of difficulty, walking.
I totally became a one-man rodeo after seeing that naked hottie through her window as I walked by.
by Saint Cuchulainn November 28, 2007
(A). The figurative act of spinning around in political circles like a complete jackass while claiming that the surreptitious moron & hopeless Presidential aspirant Ron Paul is the second coming of Thomas Jefferson. Two hallmarks of this dance of the socially retarded is to spam straw polls in order to skew the results in "Dr. Paul's" favor & to comment-spambomb any & every blog that says unflattering remarks (i.e. tell the truth) about this soon-to-be political has-been.

A prelude to this go-nowhere dance is to relentlessly Google Mr. Paul's name. This serves a dual purpose as well; One is so that it looks as though lots of people actually give a shit about this little known squeaky Congressman from Texas, and the other is to seek out any detractors. The detractors in this context are people who retain their sense of individuality and still practice critical thinking.

(B). The literal act of passing around the same nonsense & propaganda back and forth with other Paulettes about how 9/11 was an inside job perpetuated by... well, whomever sounds good at the time. When performed live but in private company, racial diatribes against Jews, latinos & black people are invoked, but if the racism & antisemitism come up in public, the default response is to blame it on the VRWC or Lee Rockwell.

In the end, this whirling dervish of disingenuous tripe ends when the performer is too weak, dizzy & utterly stupefied from lack of nourishment, both physically and mentally. Typing the same hubris for hours on end in front of a computer screen will do that to a person.
(As seen on any blog or web page that doesn't require registration to comment & hasn't already banned them as nutjobs) God bless Ron Paul! Ron Paul is the freedom fighter for the New Age in America! Dr. Paul in '08! Only Ron can save us from the scourge of the ZOG conspiracy using the minority street thugs against citizens of the United States! All other candidates want to dissolve this glorious nation by forming the North American Union w/ Canada and Mexico, but teh Ron Paul revolution is the only thing that can stop them!!! Yearrrrgh!!! Screeech screeech!!!
by Saint Cuchulainn January 20, 2008

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