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A thoughtless and generally narcissistic freestyle musician that frequents parties with the soul intent of hijacking the gathered crowd for his own need of an admiring audience. Typically, the musician will arrive with an instrument (drum, accoustic guitar, or didgeridoo) in hand, find the most densely populated area of the party, and proceed to play, despite the activities or interest of the people around him. Often, they will play with their eyes closed and conveniently ignore the jeers and looks of disapproval. Other musicians may be invited to play, but will quickly find themselves challenged by technique or speed in order to establish the better musician.
He started playing his drums in the middle of the living room, with complete disregard for the people that were chatting and enjoying each others company. I will never invite that drum-circle jerk to a party again!
by Sailor Lady September 30, 2009
A powerful sexual attraction to another person that is charactarized by a tension or throbbing sensation in the vagina or penis, and an overwhelming and ceaseless preoccupation with getting their penis in your vagina, or conversely your penis in their vagina.
He and I had such loin pull that we barely finished our drinks before we were on our way to my place.
by Sailor Lady March 05, 2009

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