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Emo is a fashion for young white people Bought on by Low Self Esteem.
Teenagers sometimes get low self esteem, and they don't understand why, Because it is Sub Conscious. Instead of figuring out how to Love Themselves again, and be happy, They cover themselves in a Modern, Young Goth Fashion. They hang with people who have the same self esteem issue, Thinking they are the only people who "Understand" them,
They don't even understand themselves.

Emos don't want you judging them (Even though they demand perfection with their make up and hair, Spending hours in the mirror making it look perfect.)

It's hard to not judge an Emo, When they are labeling themselves,

And when they want to be "Individuals", Even though they all listen to the same music, They all dress the same, Do their hair the same and talk the same way.

And when they want to be "Non Conformists", even though they all act the same way, They Non Conform by Wearing Black and Make Up, But When It Becomes The Point of a Fashion, Then you're conforming all over again.

When You "Judge" an Emo, They are hurt on the inside, And they feel that if they wear black, That can somehow protect them from being labeled, But nobody is easier to label than an Emo
"I'm an Emo, I'm not a boy, I'm not a person, I'm an Emo, so I'm judging myself but you mustn't judge me.
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by Saiga August 15, 2008
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