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2 definitions by Saichen

boy rapper tha needs to grow up before he starts talking about fuckin girls.

nobody wants to hear about a 14 year old gettin pussy.
Romeo is attempting to bust into a business responding to young girls, teaching them values that most of us didn't learn about until high school.

When my 11 year old neice came up to me asking if i had a pussy, she told me Romeo taught her the word. Fuck Romeo.
by Saichen December 30, 2003
1. The hottest thing to hit DBGT since Gohan.
2. a dumbass for dating that contry hick Paresu.
3. had a cell phone glued to his head as a teenager.
4. uber-kawaii!
What? Goten? What does he have to do with this?
by Saichen December 30, 2003