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Done by means of ghetto methods. Used mainly in African countries, more specifically Botswana.
Tebogo built her house, with bashatu styles. Hence resulting in a cheep effective solution.
by Sahil Desai October 05, 2003
When a female or male has throat cancer and gets a breathing hole in the neck. Another male penetrates that hole with his penis. The rapid penetration causes the hole to bleed while the person is trying to breath out of the hole, causing the blood to spray in the formation of a bow tie. Made famous in the movie "40 Year old Virgin".
Mooj: It's not about these rusty trombones, and these dirty sanchez.

Andy Stitzer: Please stop.

Mooj: And these cincinatti bowties, and these pussy juice cocktail, and these shit stained balls.
by Sahil Desai February 01, 2006

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