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A person of any ethnicity, not strictly associated with 'African-American' persons as common opinion insists, who partakes in idiotic, wannabe 'gangster' activities. EG: smoking; speaking in ebonics; riding BMX bikes that are either entirely too small or stolen; wearing close far too large; having extremely expensive jewley, vehicles, and clothing while they steal, rob or deal drugs to support these material goods, although they fail to succeed in school, jobs, or life in general. Also clame to live in the ghetto, or are in the current state of being 'ghetto'.

A word often abused by black people in day-to-day conversations although they supposedly find it the uttermost offensive word.
People sitting around the local ghetto liqour store smoking and drinking, not to mention making derogatory comments to passerbys.

Nigger: Hey cracka' why you gotta look at me like that? Cuz' I'm a nigga? HUH?
Passerby: No sir, it's because you're a peice of shit that is of no value to society or the human race for that matter.
by Saevio August 07, 2006
One whos sense of fashion revolves around the sole belief that the tighter the shorts, the better.

Derived from the visual aspect of the affair, from a bystanders point of view. The testicles become quite apparent, often resembling grapes. The shorts seem to 'hug' them, thus coining the term.
Friend 1:Did you see that cops bike shorts?
Friend 2:Hell yeah, what a grape hugger.
Both: HAHA!
by Saevio August 07, 2006
One who condescends to the social equivalency of 'emo' so they can fit in and avoid being ridiculed by the other cliques.

A particular subject who shows traits of emo, but at unprescedented levels, border lining homo erotic.

(comb. of homo & emo)
Man that kid is such a faggot, look how tight his little hip hugger jeans are. What a hemo!
by Saevio August 07, 2006

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