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1. Name of a (fictional) school that the character Holden Caulfield is kicked out of in the classic novel "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger.
2. Name of a band formerly fronted by Frank Iero, who is one of the guitarists for internationally popular alternative rock band My Chemical Romance, the front man for hardcore outfit Leathermouth, and owner/founder of Skeleton Crew Records and Clothing Label. The book came first, so it's assumed that Frank and his band mates are fans of "The Catcher in the Rye".

One of Pencey Prep's most popular songs goes by the title "The Secret Golfish"...yeah, I don't get it either.
Person 1: So there's this band Pencey Prep who are really awesome and I think their name is just so creative!
Person 2: Uh, yeah, they're pretty good. But Pencey Prep was taken from this old book...
Person 1: *kills Person 2 with blunt object*
by SadieZoe May 25, 2008
Referring to hardcore fans of Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" series in which most of the main characters are vampires. The series has an especially strong following of curiously devoted fans. "Fanpires" can also be loosely used for people (usually pale teenagers clad in black) who are very partial to vampire stories/are greatly intrigued by vampires/think vamps are sexy.
Person 1: Geez, why don't they go out in friggin' daylight for once.
Person 2: They're fanpires, they don't do daylight.
by SadieZoe May 11, 2008
A band formed by Frank Iero (best known as one of the guitarists for internationally popular alternative rock band My Chemical Romance). Shortly after I Am A Graveyard didn't take off, Frank joined MCR.

This band is now nonexistent, unless some little punks stole it.
Little Punk 1: What should we call our band?
Little Punk 2: How about "The Travesty"? Or, um..."Black Souls", or..."Angst-Tastic Eyeliner-Monkeys"?
Little Punk 1: I know! "I Am A Graveyard", 'cause that's like, so dark and original.
Little Punk 2: But hasn't that already been used?
Little Punk 1: *blinks* *dies*
Little Punk 2: *blinks* *runs away*
by SadieZoe May 25, 2008
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